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Welcome to It's Baby Time, a fun and easy way to share the magic of your pregnancy with family and friends.
Some features with It's Baby Time:
  • Your due date and countdown clock will always be displayed
  • Have family and friends suggest baby names and vote on favorites
  • Have your users guess the baby's birth date, birth time, gender, weight and length
  • Create an email list to keep everyone updated on important messages
  • Display important events such as hearing baby's heartbeat the first time and automatically email these events to your list
  • Display announcements such as shower dates and times and email to your list
  • Upload and display images such as ultrasounds and baby's first pictures
  • Setup links for your registry so users can click right to your account
  • Make your information private by requiring users to enter your selected password to see your baby site
It's easy to get started and keep your family and friends informed with  To see how it works, CLICK HERE or enter the Last Name "Sample" in the box above to start.
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